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“In Alien Eyes” Namhar Brahman

A doctor-turned-writer who flips the familiar upside down

"This collection of fantasy stories is distinguished by the author’s unique way of viewing life. The author fashions his own perspective on simple, sometimes completely mundane, activities in such a way that the world we’re well familiar with transforms into something distinct and different in ways that are magical, frightening, ghostly, senselessly cruel, or, on the flip side, cozy and familiar like popular childhood fairy tales. Such a small adjustment in perspective changes the view on what we call “life”.

The ability to look at the world “In Alien Eyes” becomes a universal key capable of unlocking the doors to other universes, ones whose main secret is that they’re always nearby and within reach. One only has to be brave and open-minded when peering carefully at the secret, to look at the world in ways you never did before. After all, only after having looked at yourself “In Alien Eyes” do you get the chance to understand who you really are."

Volodymyr Rafeenko, writer.

About the Book

Beware… After reading these yarns, your world will never be the same.
Do you know that a hair ribbon can transport you to another world where it can transform into an invincible killing machine?
That you may have been born on the wrong side of the mirror?
That the value of a plate of a dozen pickled natives for some is the only way to feed their families?
Do you ever wonder why, of all things, does the Almighty govern our Universe the way he does and is it really so bad?
The answers to these questions can be found in the first part of Namhar Brahman’s fantasy science-fiction anthology “In Alien Eyes” ,
Fans of HP Lovecraft, Haruki Murakami, O. Henry, Neil Gaiman, Ken Liu, Carmen Maria Machado, Cliff Burns or even Franz Kafka will greatly enjoy the "In Alien Eyes" series.


Full Chapter List

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  • The Eighth

    Are you aware of how many dwarves were in the fairy tale of Snow White?
    Silly question, really.
    But how many were there before Snow White’s mother, the queen, died?

  • Indiana Jones and the Devourer of Souls

    Do you know who saved the Earth from the Annunaki a couple years ago when the planet Nibiru passed through the Solar System?
    It’s likely you never noticed something was amiss.

  • The Cleansing

    Do you consider what goes on in the soul of a video game character when another person starts playing instead of you?

  • The Beast

    Do you ever wonder that the value of a plate of a dozen pickled natives for some is the only way to feed their families?

  • The Other

    Are you sure that you have been born on the right side of the mirror?

  • Catastrophe

    Why does the Almighty govern our Universe the way he does, and is it really so bad?

  • Guardian Angel

    Do you ever wonder who actually decides your fate when you flip a coin?
    Pure chance?
    The truth may surprise you.

  • Black and White Sun

    Do you know what happens when you encounter your mortal enemy, the one who is your opposite in every way, after climbing the same mountain and meeting at the peak?

  • Dance of the Crimson Asp

    Are you aware that a hair ribbon can transport you to another world where it can transform into an invincible killing machine?

  • Virion

    Do you know that for the cells of your body, the introduction of a virus is akin to the coming of the False Prophet?

  • Reset

    Are you aware that snowflakes are the reincarnation of water droplets whose souls ascended to the skies in the form of steam?

  • Quarantine

    Do you know the peculiarities of pregnancy and early parenthood resemble those in regards to creative works?

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What Readers Are Saying

“It's amazing how these short stories - all about different characters and realms - work together so perfectly. What unites them is the author's perfect sense of humor and unbound imagination. It never gets boring! ”

October 28, 2018

Alice Charon

"An extraordinary look at ordinary things - leaves you as open-minded as you could ever become and changes your perspective. Captivating storytelling with lots of clever details. A total must for the fans of the genre"

October 24, 2018

George Kliment

“I didn't even notice how the time flew by when I was reading this book - I just turned the pages over and over, wondering what happens next. Both smart and entertaining, the stories will definitely touch your soul!"

October 21, 2018

Veronica Miller


About the Author

Namhar Brahman currently lives in Kiev, Ukraine.
After graduating in 1997 from a medical institute, he served as an anaesthesiologist for the next six years. For the last thirteen years, Namhar has been involved in clinical research. His first foray into writing was the short story "Mariner", which he had written in July 2010 after his experience of feeding his young daughter for several years (the idea had quite a lot of time to mature as he raised his daughter). His second tale, "The Time Infection", was inspired by his purchase of a new watch. All told, he has written more than thirty stories and tales in Ukrainian and Russian along with several poems. He is working on his new full-length novel, Asp and The Concert of the Creali Orchestra, based on his short story "Dance of the Crimson Asp."

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"In Alien Eyes" -review of the book by Ihor Bondar-Tereshchenko, book critic

These stories fall somewhere between the aesthetics of Oscar Wilde and the metaphysics of Stalker. The scope, of course, is great, but not so enormous that the author couldn’t master the skills of his predecessors, compelling us to consume this collection in a couple hours. This is very little if we accept that natural philosophy, anthropology, and steampunk can peacefully coexist in the same story, and it’s much more, considering it’s a treatise on the creation of the world in 12 stories relating the planet’s demise.

“Sinners must wait in the Icy Purgatory of rivers and lakes. The righteous will ascend to the heavens before returning to earth with white fluff”. Sometimes the author’s style emerges from the fog of reflection and poetic prose to surface in the style of urbanistic prose, coupled with its existential fear and the metaphysics of everyday life. Sometimes you can feel how the stories explode into a masterful cascade of vivid details. The lake fairy, the mountain troll, fear, and the awe of computer games are transformed into reality. “Instead, the lady jabbed me in the chest with her staff and I went under, the dark water closing over me, and the shadowy silhouette of my goddess against the backdrop of the huge moon merged with the blackness of the pond” The author meets the standard, not lowering the bar, because the decadence of his delicate, virtual designs, in fact, weaves together a complex and solid foundation within the genre with its small tragedies, melancholic parables, and skillful vignettes set against the backdrop of the vanishing nature of our dreams.